At Vidal Flooring Inc., we specialize in dustless tile removal whether it is tile or hard wood flooring we can remove it. Instead of using the traditional chisel-and-hammer method, we follow a dust-free procedure. With our revolutionary system dust is caught before it becomes airborne. Our dustless tile removal process is exceptionally fast and efficient to ensure your project is completed and on time, with minimal hassle. Our process is so clean, no plastic sheeting, tape or water is required to protect your home from dust.  


By having Vidal Flooring Inc. remove your floor with their innovating  dustless system you no longer have to worry about getting the super fine dust everywhere from walls, windows, curtains, furniture, electronics, clothes, inside cabinets, and any other place there is space for dust to settle. With our revolutionary system dust is caught before it becomes airborne. 

By getting these dangerous dust mists all over the place not only is messy but can cause harmful health hazards such as:

  • Dangerous carcinogens 
  • Watery eyes
  • Skin irritations
  • Breathing difficulties (allergies & asthma)
  • Silica dust 


Getting dustless tile removal will be safer for clients with health and environmental concerns like respiratory illness or vulnerable overall health. Our system captures dust without the worry over safety and health. Families with infants, young children, elderly relatives, or pets living in their homes can rest easy knowing their loved ones are protected from the harmful dust and debris produced by traditional tile removal.

 Further, capturing dust before it has a chance to penetrate your carpet and furniture can reduce the need for upholstery deep cleaning. This is also true for surface cleaning; dust can settle on tables, chairs, windows, and more, leading to hours of time spent wiping down surfaces. For those without time to deep-clean, dustless removal also eliminates the need for a professional cleaning service, putting money back in your pocket. 



"I called Alex at Vidal Flooring to complete the demo of our wood and tile floors and he was quickly able to accommodate my schedule. We were having our Kitchen Cabinets installed on a Monday and needed the floor demo complete by the weekend. I called Alex on a Thursday and he was able to come to my house on a Saturday to start the job. He agreed to have the job finished by Monday but to my surprise he finished the entire job in one day! They were FAST and CLEAN. They arrived in two large vans and had all of the equipment to do the dustless floor removal. Alex even walked the job with me when he was finished to ensure my satisfaction. He even asked for my water hose to wash down my front and backdoor patios. They left my place so clean and DUSTLESS!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM!!!! These guys know what they are doing and can be trusted to get the job done. I was so impressed with their work that I am now having them also do my floor installation. If your looking for a real floor company look no further, Vidal Flooring Inc is the REAL DEAL!!!"


Carmen Verdugo
"Very fast, clean, professional work. They deliver what they say is dustlesss removal. Very satisfied  with the work they did, prices are reasonable. You get what you pay for because the work they do speaks for itself."

Onuora Ononye

"We just used Dustless Tile Removal to replace our wood floor based on referral from Pro Source. I  can't  say enough good things about these Guys. I have added some pictures  of their work. It is simply  amazing the attention they pay to details especially  around corners and challenging areas. Alex and Eddy take customer service to a new level. They are punctual, neat and they work fast. Simply  the most respectful  bunch of guys we have ever hired as contractors. I  will recommend and use them again."


"I had a guy scheduled to demo the tile floor in our master bathroom as part of a remodel project and he failed to show up. It turned out to be a blessing that the  guy stood me up, because I then found Alex and he had his guys here on short notice, just a couple of days later on a Saturday, and completed the job so that we were able to continue with the next stage of the project on the following Monday.
The guys arrived bright and early on Saturday morning, ready to go to work. Very professional, nice friendly guys and very knowledgeable. They put down paper everywhere they had to walk to reach the bathroom, brought in a couple of filtered fans and went to work. They were finished with the job in a few hours and left the home spotless and dust free. They even wet mopped the garage floor where the wheels of their equipment rolled.
We have a table in the bedroom next to where they were working, which my wife dusted before they began. She dusted it again when they left and there was no trace of duct, so the process was truly dust free.
The job was done on short notice, quickly and efficiently and the price was very reasonable. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Alex and his guys for any future flooring projects."